Thinking About Values

Why Value Education?

At Tata ClassEdge, we believe that education is not just about mastering academic subjects; it is also about developing a discerning mind. Students need to confront situations or ethical dilemmas where they need to decide what action to take and learn how to judge situations. A prescriptive approach to moral science and value education does not encourage this.

Thinking About Values

It is with this perspective that Tata ClassEdge has launched its values and life skills curriculum for schools, aptly titled ‘Thinking About Values’ based on the National Curriculum Framework. Designed for classes 1 to 8, the solution includes a series of age-appropriate, visually rich textbooks and digital content, which will help young students make informed ethical decisions in real life contexts. The series covers topics on ethics, safety, civic sense and more topics on moral science and value education.

The series comes in two editions – one for the student and one for the teacher. ‘Thinking About Values’ curriculum is available in both Book & Digital format.

What's Unique

  • QR code enabled extension of each story in digital format
  • Discussions, worksheets and activities encouraging students to consider their ethical positions
  • Lessons on personal and social etiquette (e.g. answering telephone calls, keeping surroundings clean)
  • Contemporary themes and current day scenarios that children can relate to very well
  • Visually rich narrative formats from comic book style to illustrated poems
  • Teacher edition to better equip teachers to handle these lessons with the required sensitivity