EarlyEdge is a comprehensive phygital learning solution for preschool.
The curriculum ensures skill-building across domains to ensure students:
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Connect with the joy of learning
  • Care for their space
A complete solution and distinct 3-year curriculum for pre-primary

Emphasis on pre-reading and pre-writing skills

Ready to use activities to reinforce primary learning

Best practice videos along-with detailed teacher planner for each year

Plenty of practice for numeracy & number concepts

Enabled through story based curriculum

Expertly designed pattern writing curriculum, hands-on kits and activity books with emphasis on motor skills

Key Components

  • Student Books
  • Activity Books
  • Art & Craft
  • In-Class Resources – Big Books & Kits
  • Teacher Manual & Day Planner
  • Classroom Digital Resources
  • Teacher Companion App
  • Parent App

Student Books

Early Edge books have been carefully constructed by an experienced team specialized in learning design and visual design. These visually-rich books help beginning learners to form a relationship with books based on positive emotions of joy, wonder & delight.

Seven titles each year:

  • Letters and Sounds
  • Number Time
  • Our World
  • Colors, Shapes and More
  • Madhur Dhwani
  • Ready to Write
  • Songs, Rhymes and Stories

Activity Books

6 activity books for each year. Build fine motor skills and cognitive skills while having fun!

Range includes:

  • Stick & Make: Craft book with paper, wool, tape to stick and create
  • Lace Away: Lacing activity pages, with holes punched in thick board paper
  • Make A Dot: Painting with dots to increase eye-hand coordination
  • Fun Time: Reasoning and problem-solving pen-paper activities
  • Water Fun: Painting with water to reveal pictures
  • On My Own: reusable sticker pages based on themes such as transport, beach, farm, construction site and so on

Art & Craft

10 well crafted activities for each grade corresponding to a theme

  • Ready-to-use
  • Learning textures through touch
  • No Mess Packaging
  • Pictorial Instruction Manual
  • Increasing Complexity

In-Class Resources: Big Books & Kits

Big Books: The Big Books are designed to create an intimate reading experience for children,
The teacher reads aloud, and the children sit around on a mat.
The large pictures help children focus on detail and are excellent for picture reading.

Kits: Age appropriate hands-on resources for each year. Well curated kits with emphasis on building multiple skills especially fine motor and cognitive skills

Teacher Manual & Day Planner

A detailed teacher overview and day-plan is available for each year as support material

Two teacher books each year:

  • Teacher Guide: The Teacher Guide is a comprehensive manual which outlines the significance of early years, the EarlyEdge philosophy, expected development each year and curriculum coverage in each domain.
  • Week-by-Week Planner: The Week-by-Week Planner details a sample daily plan using EarlyEdge Resources. The EarlyEdge curriculum has been mapped to ensure complete coverage over 30-weeks, five days a week.

Classroom Digital Resources

Exhaustive library of resources | Distinct for each year & each subject Teacher toolkit to enable customization of media & worksheets Multiple modes of learning reinforcement: virtually unlimited practice